Friday, October 29, 2010

Mitochondrial Eve

Mitochondrial Eve is last determined maternal ancestor for all existing human beings.  Her title, "Mitochondrial," comes from the fact that her mitochondrial DNA is common in all human beings.  She is said to have lived thousands of years ago in Africa.  You can see an artists rendition of what she would have looked like as well as her descendants from all regions of the world in the figure below.
As you can see, Mitochondrial Eve has tan skin, dark hair and dark eyes.  You can also see the variations of her traits in the pictures of others from around the world.  While some traits differ from region to region, such as skin color, build, etc., certain traits still point back to the common ancestor.

Given the evolution of people over the years, its safe to say that human beings will have a different appearance in 1,000 years.  My guess is that people will be tan, have dark hair, and dark eyes.  This guess comes from the fact that most people today are dark skinned and have both dark hair and dark hair.

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